As Mercor group we distribute our products to many parts of the world such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and more. Within the company we have different departments such as Natural Smoke Exhausting, Fire Ventilation Systems, and Construction Protections department.


Some of the useful facts to know about us are:


-Mercor's main office is located in a beautiful city on the coast of Baltic sea, Gdansk, Poland.


-Our team consists of top engineers, designers, sellers, marketers, technical consultants, experts in fire safety, and more.


-We have a special R&D department that keep an eye on developing trends.


Our team is constantly expanding to ensure the development of services and range of products. We value new ideas and strive for development in every department, which helps us to implement new solutions fast.


We invite partners to cooperate with us today and value our long-term partnership. Do you have any questions? Send us an email!